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Welcome readers, writers and all who enter!

Welcome writers, readers and all who enter!

Here's a bit of info on the author

Brandy Potter lives in Maryland with her daughter and pets. She has been writing since she was 9 years old. She has several published poems, but Venomous Lives was her first published novel. Currently in development are a Romantic suspense and a romantic thriller

Her character development focuses on the psychology of the every day person, fictionalized visions of the people overcoming their conflicts. She enjoys watching people and observing their behaviors. What makes us and at times what breaks us. She likes strong female leads but maintains that they are strong in different ways. She also shies away from the industry pre-packaged protagonists. Her fans say that her characters are so developed that they often have a hard time letting them go and are always routing for a sequel.

Her writing style is descriptive, but not overly so because, as she so aptly puts it, "If I wanted to read a book that tells me what to think and do I would buy a non-fiction book." 

Her writing influences consist of David Eddings, Jane Austin, Rudyard Kipling, J.R.R. Tolkein, Nora Roberts and Steven King.

Brandy is an avid reader who prefers printed books to e-readers because, "There is nothing like the smell and the feel of a book. Besides, as a single mother the only time that I have to read is when I may not be able to have electronics."

Current Projects

Venomous Lives
Published In 2010

The '80's was a decade of excess. No one enjoyed the excess more than the bands from the Sunset Strip. The glam rock world was no place for a lady. It's a good thing that the girls in Onyx were not ladies. Four girls from a blue-collar suburb burst on the scene, break hearts and make history. Along the way they find everything they ever wanted and more. The question is how much will they have to lose before they know that everything they ever wanted was not what they needed to live.

The Crystal Sovereigns

Etari is a peaceful realm ruled largely by committee, but ultimately by the Crystal who speaks through one personTo become the Lady of Unil-Gawein is the highest honor, but on the day of the sorting the whole of Unil-Gawein discovers that the Mistress of the afterlife  has committed atrocities that could alter their way of life forever. The only way to stop her is to locate the long lost Staff of Etari. A group with representatives from each kingdom sets off to find the Staff and along the way they just may find their heart's desires or their worst nightmares as well

And They Lived - Working Title

Two sisters separated from their Mafia family and horribly abused are suddenly thrust back into the family violently. Two brothers stuck in a life of crime and seduction that has consumed their family. In order to catch the murderer of the Don these 4 must work together and not fall into the insanity that they all have the potential to have.

Eight Arms to Hold You - Working Title

Elaina Dragos is an FBI agent in New York City with a super model sister. She crosses paths with many people in both her work and play. Alex Caswell is a man with a mission. He is determined to prove his rocker father's death was not an overdose. When he meets Elaina, he knows she'll find the truth. The truth about him, the truth about her and the truth the whole world already knows.....

Leather and Lace - Working Title

Boy meets girl... boy gets girl.... girls mother thinks they are too serious... blam the end! 20 years after they shared their first love, two people find themselves at the end of their hope, unhappy and feeling trapped. When social media steps in, will they find that they never lost that love?


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