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Posted by Brandy Potter on May 13, 2014 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

It is going to be an exciting month for me, for Written By, for Rude But Not GInger and most importantly for Venomous Lives and the book currently under the working title "The Ties that DIvide" (I loved it at first but I am beginning to hate it good thing a title is the LAST thing a book needs ;))

Right so what is going on you might ask... well I will tell you......

First and foremost I have been asked to present a Video for Authors presentation for Promo Day 2014 by Jo Linsdell She is an amazing mountain of knowledge for me and has been one of the three or four people who can jump start me when I am in a rut. I am incredibly honored to be asked.

Promo day has a WEALTH of knowledge and strengths available for you to tap into and get info from. There are many presenters, many different topics, it is going to be a hellova place to be that Saturday. I know I am going to be there. The link to the website is above and you can find links on all of the presenters pages as well. Or click below. I want to iterate again how incredibly honored I am to be participating!

She and I will be doing an interview together on Saturday, at 4pm EST to promote it. I was thinking about doing a Google+ hangout or Facebook wall chat on the day, but I will have to double check with Jo.

Written By..... is also going to launch it's 1st full issue around that day. We will include reviews of several books just to mention a few, Jo's new book The Box; Virginia Jennings' The Alien MInd; and a few new authors works.

I want to let everyone know that Liz and I disscussed it and, especially for new authors, if the review is not going to be favorable, we are going to let you know first. We want to give you honest feedback but we don't want to be the bad review on your record either.

Rude But Not Ginger, while a personal project is also going to launch. Each of us will publish a blog and at least 1 if not two top ten lists will be going up on YouTube.

The Ties That Divide, while in essentials will remain the same story, is getting a facelift. I wanted to try a 1st person narrative and I started it as such. However, it is not as funny as my work normally is with all of it's sarcasm, it was not flowing for me and I was forcing the book. I walked away from writing for the last 3 months because of personal issues, but mainly because both The Ties That Divide and And They Lived have been a forced staccato that was beginning to chafe a bit. I was passionate about the ideas, but something just wasn't working. For Ties it happens to be the 1st person. I tried it. I didn't like it. It is not for me. So.... Ties is back on the assembly line. I will get that finished before I touch And They Lived again. I havent quite figured out whether the block there is a personal loss I suffered this year or something in the story itself.

Most exciting................

After some long research and lots of listening hours I have decided to record the audio book of Venomous Lives myself. There are two paths to the process, I can read it myself and have a few BAD (or in two cases non-existant) accents (which is bothering me) OR I can have auditions and get some voice over folks in. In the spirit of Indyism that is me, I have found a site where actors go to build their resumes called The Voice Acting Alliance (I will tell you that as of the time of this post their website is having some issues so if you have trouble you can hit up their Facebook page too). I wanted to get some feedback on this.

I hope you are as exctited as I am. Last year was very trying personally and I hope that I can get back to my enthusiasm and my muses!

I hope you all have a GREAT day today and that you come out and see all of us on May 31!

Editing complete

Posted by Brandy Potter on August 17, 2010 at 12:54 PM Comments comments (0)

The final round oif Edits on Venemous Lives has been submitted to the publisher. I have seen the E-book and the Cover. Both are awesome if I do say so my self. Can't wait won't be long now!

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